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Our Innovations

The Challenge

As a discussion channel administrator, you know how difficult it is to enforce your rules without having recourse to a substantial human moderation force. Simplify your life, and integrate the lilAI Community Manager bot into your community, and let it manage!

Our Goal

  • Capture and delete offensive messages within seconds
  • Able to ban unwanted user throughout lilAI network
  • Capable of detecting spam in the form of text, image and emojis
  • Various analysis options with AI

LilAI Anti-Spam

A silent AI powered bot which eliminates scams, spam, and imposters in milliseconds. The bot is trained on specific nuances of each community to ensure acceptable discourse is aligned with the requirements of each project.

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Total Messages Covered
Total Members Covered

Total Users Banned
Total Spams Deleted
Success Ratio

We’re best for our success work ratio.

False-Positive Ratio

We’ve very low failure ratio in our work history.

Beta available

LilAI Community Manager

Your personalised Community Manager automates moderation to ensure questions are community questions and requirements are met 24 hours 7 days a week.

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2024 Roadmap Highlights :
A journey of Innovation

This quarter is focused on deployment of LilAI Community Manager and Discord support.

LilAI Community Manager is a suite of tools intended to replace the human moderation force of discussion groups. Phase 1 will be completed once the suite is ready, and ported to Discord in addition to initial Telegram support.

Part of the token's utility as described in our tokenomics will be put into production starting in the second quarter. This period will pave the way for the expansion of lilAI.

Phase 3 plans the aggressive expansion of lilAI towards more platforms, as well as a major overhaul of the suite which will introduce new options.

At the end of the year, this phase will be considered completed when the technical architecture of lilAI is complete, which includes the complete implementation of the economic mechanics of the token as well as the complete automation of the community onboarding process.

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