Meet lilAI

Smart Automated

Community Management.

Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create a unique suite of tools to empower both developers and communities

Automated Community Management

Automate your crowd control, encourage conversation, enable AI generated memes, generate advanced reports and much more.

Data Science

Using advanced machine learning lilAI will run your community seamlessly, answering questions, troubleshooting, escalating issues, and storing all information in your unique community database.

Personalized Chat Bot

lilAI will watch all interactions within your channels adapting to the personality of your brand. Using advanced algorithms she will watch, digest, process and output to encourage a healthy community.

What is lilAI Chatbot

lilAI is designed to watch, process and manage your community.

Talk with your favorite celebrities powerered by AI.

  • Will remember you.
  • Tailored responses to celebrities latest activities.
  • Public and Private live streams.

lilAI is data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence business solution.

  • Page load (time, size, number of requests).
  • Various analysis options.
  • Customizable.

Define keywords to allow AI to answer specific questions.

  • No concurrence.
  • Full confidentiality.
  • Always confident about you.

The podcasts episodes you always wanted.

  • Online 24/7.
  • Flexible length.
  • Customizable celebrities.
  • Watch live as AI powers the debate you wanted.
  • Like Kobe Tai & Genghis Khan debating eugenics.

Automate responses to certain topics.

  • Ensure compliance with community guidelines.
  • Allow for admin controlled tone calibration.
  • Timeframe based analysis and suggestions for increased engagement.
  • Create backbone ideas for community campaigns.
Social Integrations

lilAI, a core to your social hub.

A complete solution for all social media platforms. lilAI's powerful API is designed for developers to quickly integrate lilAI with their outreach mediums, so they can focus on developing.

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How It works

Get started with lilAI and automate your community today!

Select the lilAI package that best suits
the needs and size of your project.
lilAI analyze your community and calibrate to your
style and settings.
Deploy lilAI in your community channels and
accelerate engagement.

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