Current Phase

Community Manager & Discord Support

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Q1 2024

Key Partnerships Strategy

Marketing Strategy V2

Business Development Strategy V2

Discord Integration

lilAI Community Manager BĂȘta

Key Infrastucture Upscaling

lilAI Community Manager 1.0 Release

Advancing to the Next Phase

lilAI Community Manager is a suite of tools intended to replace the human moderation force of discussion groups. Phase 1 will be completed once the suite is ready, and ported to Discord in addition to initial Telegram support.

Q2 2024

Real-Time Transaction Notifications for Tokens and NFTs - lilAi RTTN

Key Technology Partner Integration - Data

$LILAI Staking Target - Via Centralized Exchange

$LILAI Staking Target - Via Decentralized Platform

Back-End Service Integration : Slack

AntiSpam V2 - Beyond the chat room

Advancing to the Next Phase

Part of the token's utility as described in our tokenomics will be put into production starting in the second quarter. This period will pave the way for the expansion of lilAI.

Q3 2024

Sentiment Signals - On-demand Release

Back-end Service Integration - JIRA

Back-End Service Integration - Payments

lilAI Community Manager - X/Twitter Integration

lilAI Community Manager v2

Advancing to the Next Phase

Phase 3 plans the aggressive expansion of lilAI towards more platforms, as well as a major overhaul of the suite which will introduce new options.

Q4 2024

lilAi Community Manager - Twitch Integration

Sentiment Signals - Commercial Release

On-demand Service Release BĂȘta (New Venture)

$LILAI Native Staking & Voting Platform - lilAI DAO

End of 2024 Celebration

Advancing to the Next Phase

At the end of the year, this phase will be considered completed when the technical architecture of lilAI is complete, which includes the complete implementation of the economic mechanics of the token as well as the complete automation of the community onboarding process.

Stretch Goals

Secret New Product - Aims to compete with the largest Nasdaq companies by offering a new and radically different vision from everything that exists. We identified a need that could affect millions of people around the world.

Development of internal tools intended to increase our productivity.

Advancing to the Next Phase

To be announced.